Wednesday, August 3, 2011


"Shame on Marvel Comics! This is not diversity; this is a disgrace! Spiderman was Peter Parker, and Peter Parker was white. Create a new character if you want to prove that Marvel Comics is “diverse”. Minorities are typically less than 18% of the population, but they seem to get nearly 100% of the history. Why should white children not have a comic book hero that they can identify with?" ~

This was one of many negative comments from USA Today listed at Bleeding Cool. Not the most offensive, not the angriest, but arguably the most ill-informed. Here are demographic stats from the 2010 census, with projections for 2050 (from Wikipedia):

U.S. Census Population projections[42]
Whites (includes "Some other race")79.5%74.0%
Non-Hispanic Whites64.7%46.3%
Hispanics/Latinos (of any race)16.0%30.2%
African Americans12.9%13.0%
Asian Americans4.6%7.8%

So, the minority population is a little over one third, with the notorious "majority minority" predicted within 40 years. Most history is white unless otherwise specified. And here's a comic book hero for white kids to identify with:

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